Michael Tetreault: President of Grand Products Inc since 2003, Michael has given Kaden an opportunity in 2012 that is very much appreciated. He has welcomed Kaden onto the 2012 North American Top Kart Racing team with open arms and has provided him with the equipment to get the job done. We look forward to working with Mike and his already established and winning Team pilots and Tuners. We would like to thank Michael for this wonderful opportunity and are determined to work and drive hard to make him proud of our results.

Andrew Borelli: Andrew has been around CRP since it was first started seven years ago. He has taken on every role from Team Diver to Tuner, to Driving Coach for Kaden and everything in between. He relates very well to him as he started racing when he was a kid as well. He has an undying love of the sport and is very passionate about getting Kaden to the front of the pack.

Brandon Jenkins: Brandon is the main engine expert at Comet Kart Sales. Brandon has been a vital part of our program since teaming up with them towards the middle end of the 2011 season. He is always here when we need him and is very knowledgeable. He has given us huge HP gains in our engine program. Kaden got his first National Podium after bolting on a Brandon built Comet Racing Engine.

Gary Lawson: Gary's has been a major factor in Kaden's success since he first met him at the age of 5. Gary has provided set up help and driver coaching and is an absolute genius when it comes to tuning in 2007-2009. Which is proven by him being a Multi-time National and Grand National Champion. We look forward to the 2011 Season and having him once again helping Kaden with his progression.

Deven: Being a former Cadet Track Champion and Dunlop Series Champion, Deven knows what it takes to get the job done. Although he has turned his focus to football and no longer pilots a kart he has and always will be a huge part of the Team CRP. He is extremely proud of his little brother and has always been a huge supporter and loving brother.

Mom: Mom pays the bills, feeds the driver and crew, and loves and support Team CRP regardless of how the day goes. Mom sometimes doesn't get to make all the trips because of her work schedule, but no matter what she is there in spirit and she is always putting the Team first!

Dad: Last but not least is my dad. He is the owner of CRP and the one that got me started in karting when I was 5. He does most of the driving, tuning, cleaning and some of the coaching too. He has raced and won at everything from Karts, Dirt bikes to GymKhana everywhere from California, Hawaii and Japan. He knows his way around the karts and loves spending time helping me and everyone else on the team.